Sunday, July 02, 2006

Au revoir - au reblog?

Well, that's it for a bit. Off we go to Brittany to celebrate Ewan's nuptials. At the moment I'm stressing because we have so much stuff: my cabin bag is overweight and Mr Blethers' kilt in its special holder looks like some kind of military hardware - if he has to open it all up there'll be a right palaver. And as for Annie the piper - I have to rely on her experience of travelling with the pipes to see us through that one!

I won't be blogging this trip - don't think there'll be a connection on a ferme laitiere in the Breton back of beyond (no - we're renting a house there, not bedding down among the beasts) We hope to take many photos, however, and have time to post them online before leaving for our next trip. We're never at home these days ....

I'll be glad when we get to this time tomorrow. I should be on a TGV between Paris and Rennes. We'll still have to find THAT car, of course.

A la prochaine, mes amis ......


  1. Have a fabby time! Wish all the best to Ewan et al. from me! Speak soon...

  2. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Bonsoir Christine et John et famille,

    merci pour votre visite. J'ai passé une très bonne soirée en votre compagnie et vous avez même réussi à nous faire chanter...

    A bientôt

    Pascale and family