Wednesday, January 03, 2007

March of the Penguins

Just been watching the amazing "March of the Penguins" - another component of the Christmas haul at The Blethers. An interesting effect of becoming so absorbed in the heroic dedication of the penguins to the whole business of procreation was that for most of the film I forgot that there had to be people there filming. However, these film-makers must have been possessed of their own brand of determination and dedication, for I cannot imagine how they got some of the shots they did.

Escapism? or a reinforcing of the need for us not to make such a mess of looking after this planet we inhabit? Maybe neither - or both - but a humbling recognition that we are not alone in our efforts to live well. Well worth a look - check out this site for a taster.


  1. Is this the one with 'frodo' in it? Or the voice of anyway... what's his name? Elija Wood, that's it! Looking forward to seeing this film. Been dying to for a while now.

    Happy New Year to you and Mr. B! Wishing you the very best for 2007

  2. No - the voice over was by Morgan Freedman (Freeman?) - a lovely voice!

    Thanks for good wishes - we'll do our best to go on having fun!