Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ugly sisters only

So Bishop Gene Robinson won't be invited to Lambeth 08? Great. What sort of message does that send to the wide, uncaring world? Always assuming that the non-Anglican world can summon up the interest to take any notice of this news item. And then there are the people who do care, passionately, and who feel marginalised yet again, and the people who care passionately and feel scunnered.

I come into that last category. I use the word "scunnered" because of my origins and because it's absolutely the right word for the moment. After a day spent reading the papers for the forthcoming Synod I found myself wondering why I bother. This sort of politicking has nothing to do with the faith that illuminates my life, and seems to have very little to do with the injunction to love one another.

All this desperate holding on to unity at all costs tells me one thing: the cost is too high. And the exclusion of even one properly consecrated bishop from the party means that unity has gone already. Or am I somehow missing something clever?


  1. The only thing that banning a gay bishop from attending says is that those who made that decission are either homophobic or more interested in hanging on to power than doing the right thing. I suspect that their short sighted decission will backfire and lead to scism sooner rather than later.

    I spent the day listening to the Church of Scotland's General Assembly. I'm convinced that it will very soon, and I'm sorry for the turn of phrase, disappear up its own backside.

    Maybe I'm getting more cynical (not possible I hear you cry) but I listened to people defend the death penalty as Christian, decide to close a church so they could add spa facilities to the church owned HOTEL in Israel and someone else saying that replcing Trident is ok.

    Jesus must be very proud.

  2. I was under the impression that the C of S had got it right on nuclear weapons at least. How disappointing - unless this was just a maverick voice?

    At least there are many of us who are scunnered. And several of us blog!

  3. It was a few comments in a discussion about condemning the use of the death penalty with regard to Saddam Hussein given that the UK government doesn't support the use of the death penalty. They want a theological report before deciding if we still believe in the possibility that forgiveness is for all and that grace is for people who have done wrong too.

    Sorry. On a bit of a rant...

  4. Church politics is depressing isn't it and it's often more divisive and hurtful than politics in the 'outside world'.

  5. It's no consolation but at least Martyn Minns of the breakaway Convocation of Anglicans in North America also was not invited. All churches, not just the Anglican, need to evaluate their policies of exclusion. Not very Jesus like.