Friday, June 29, 2007


What a wonderful place. We waded through the last of the receding tide to get here, and walked to the Priory through glorious sun and larksong. I could almost wish to be marooned here - but shall soon leave. No monk, me.

Postscript: As I was unable to rotate the original photo (my phone developed a mind of its own under lack-of-network stress) I've replaced it with one from my camera. And I was noticing that I'd spelled "Oransay" rather than the more common "Oronsay" - perhaps because I was standing by the tomb of a long-dead laird of "Colonsay and Oransay".


  1. Beautiful photo, but it does put a crick in ones neck to look at it too long.

  2. Mmm. Don't know why it did that. I may try fixing it - anyone know how to adjust pics in blogger?