Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New poem on Llananno

There's a new poem on frankenstina - the first of three resulting from my recent trip to Herefordshire. One of the lovely features of these visits is the interest I and my hosts share in poetry, spirituality, old churches and books, so that when we're not tramping the Welsh border hills together (and talking non-stop) we find ourselves sharing intense silence in a lost church - or I find myself sitting in their exquisite garden with a pile of poetry and fiction. And it is this gentle urging to read new poetry which gets me going again - a clear pointer if ever there was one to the need for input.

Llananno is the church I referred to in an earlier post, where R.S. Thomas liked to sit in the same silence as inspired my poem, the central image of which was written in a moment as I sat there.


  1. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Have you read any of Phil Rickmans' books, esp the Merrily Watkins series? They are all set in that part of the world and I love them. (Nothing to tax your brain too much but lots of churchy intrigue.)

  2. Yes, actually - reading one set in Kington right now, and have read the first of them also. Not sure I will read more - the characterisation leaves me cold!