Monday, February 22, 2010

New poem/prayer

There's a new poem - or maybe it's a prayer - over on frankenstina, which I used as the meditation during Morning Prayer on our last morning at the House of Prayer on Iona last weekend.

I shall return to this visit when I've done with my holiday on Lanzarote, from which we returned two nights before we left for Iona. Two very different experiences to build body and soul as we come to the end of winter.


  1. The poem is a beautiful reflection on what we hold on to and let go - and why. And sometimes it isn't easy to tell which. Good to have you back Chris.

    The word verification is the intriguing "untunmed" - a kind of misspelling of untuned. I feel it should bve a word - I'll try it at scrabble sometime and see if it's challenged :)

  2. Thank you, Jim - it's good to be back with something to say, after a somewhat arid period.

    I too am reading Moltmann's book on the Trinity - though I need to give myself more time!