Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Geeky genes?

Oh dear. Edublogger's significant other (what a dated term!) observed today that I am as bad as he is - and the source, therefore, of all her computer-related plaints. I think what prompted her *may* have been the sight of us sitting at the dining room table, each with our PowerBook, bluetoothing photos and vying with one another to write the best captions. We were actually speaking to each other at the time, but you get the picture. A sad one, no doubt, but that's family Christmas for you. At least we're still talking. Thing is, we seem to talk about blogging. And stats. And photostreams. If you can't beat 'em ....

But what *do* families talk about after they split up and go their own ways? Seems to me they either sit staring slack-jawed at the dreadful telly on offer at this time, or drink themselves into a fight or a stupor, or they reminisce painfully about what Christmas was like when all the world was young. At least if there is a subject of genuine shared interest you can treat one another like friends - and therefore of interest as people, quite apart from the demands of kinship. So here's to the latest craze, whatever it is - especially if it involves communication.

Even if it *is* over a computer.

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