Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Minor triumph ...

Thoroughly enjoyed visit to Edinburgh (not least because of the gluhwein at the German Christmas Market in Princes Street Gardens!) - where I managed to introduce the idea of blogging to the people involved in encouraging lay education in the Scottish Episcopal Church. It was interesting to hear the same arguments I've read in Ewan's blog against open-ness and lack of control over who reads what surfacing in yet another educational situation, but happily there were more nibblers at the idea than there were doubters, so I've fixed them a blog and we'll see how it goes.
It's also great to realise I have friends overseas reading this - please post in the comments!

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  1. Bother - because Blogger was throwing a wobbler when I first posted this, it came up twice - and now I've deleted the one with the comment from Dave. Sorry, Dave - it was a deja vu experience, as you say!