Friday, June 30, 2006

Efficiency personified?

The Bank of Scotland has a new way of ensuring your foreign currency arrives in time for your trip abroad. How far in advance do you think you'd have to order it? I'm not talking something exotic here - I wanted Euros. I leave early on Monday morning, so I ordered mine in my local branch last Monday morning, anticipating through past experience that I'd pick them up on Wednesday - or maybe even Tuesday. But no. Apparently they are now delivered by helmeted men in a van. The van comes on the ferry. And it only comes on Tuesday and Thursday to this far-flung shore. So I got my Euros today, the last possible day I could have collected them. (As you will note, I was otherwise engaged yesterday)

The silly thing is that the Gourock branch still has currency delivered by post. I only had six large-denomination notes in my order - it'd probably cost little more than a first-class stamp to post. Certainly less than it takes to send two men and a large van on the ferry - or round by the road.

Talk about carbon footprints, anyone?


  1. Anonymous7:47 PM

    The Kirn Post Office can do better than that. Who says we don't need little local Post Offices.

  2. Nightmare! I hate money... unless receiving it. Although nowadays that seems to be a problem!

    Hey - have you seen what has happened to my page? I havelost the right hand side. Not good

  3. Duffy - it's fine. Clear your cache!

    Morag - never thought of using the PO; I shall in future if BoS keeps up this standard!