Friday, June 02, 2006

Still here - just

A snatched moment on a borrowed PC - again. The good news is that a new modem is on its way. The bad news is it hasn't arrived yet. And then we'll have to get it going .... And the final bad news is that I seem to have broken my toe. It's a strange black colour and hurts unless I sit like a lady and do nothing. This just isn't me. Especially when I can't blog. I shall indulge in a proper rant when I have my own machine - enough to say now that we feel we really have been wrestling with Demons!

Busy weekend ahead. I may not even miss my Mac for a day or two ....


  1. I meant to pick up on your "God and Demon willing" comment yesterday...

    Back when I was a real teacher, way back in the 80s, I was teaching a programming language called COMAL. To help pupils learn to program, we used to use a set of pre-written demonstration programs wich were normally known as Demons! Shortly after I started teaching, the moderator of the Church of Scotland came to visit the school. (Goodness knows why!) Inevitably, he came to the Computing department. Now, he could have talked to anyone in the class, but he wandered over to the last boy in the class I would have chosen - we'll call him Stephen to protect the guilty. The moderator asked Stephen what he was doing and Stephen gave what was probably the most coherent answer he ever gave in my class: "We're studying Demons sir!"

    I though I was going to be excommunicated on the spot. :-)

  2. You obviously aren't yourself if you are not going to miss your mac!

    I have suffered from a broken toe before - not fun! Dorothy broke it with her ruby slippers when I was in the Wizard of Oz... It was a case of "if I only had a toe" rather than "brain."

  3. I just posted a gracious response to you all and my pal's PC ate it. I'm not feeling gracious any more. Bum.