Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pricey pee?

Spotted in Glasgow's Central Station, this wonderful notice conjured up a multitude of possible answers and scenarios. Primarily, I suppose, there was this wonderful image of someone who did indeed suffer from a pressing need but who, strapped for the necessary 30p, was doomed. The sign seemed almost gleeful in anticipation and I couldn't help thinking of the woman in Edwin Morgan's poem "At Central Station". Added to that, of course, the implications of the slippery floor warning seemed to promise injury added to insult - and raised the worrying spectre of unmentionable horrors.

The chap heading down the stair seems unfazed by the price hike. Perhaps he reckons it's worth it to get a shot of the Dyson "blade" hand dryers...


  1. Ruth Blakley12:59 AM

    I wonder, will they accept a 20p and a 10p...or a 10p and four 5ps... or six 5ps....or fifteen 2ps or thirty 1ps or do they no longer accept copper? Then again, maybe we insert the only money piece we have, wait for change which doesn't come by which point we've pee'd our pants waiting and it was all a waste of time!

  2. Hmmm nice thought! The new hand dryers are pretty good though!

  3. I can't believe I'm blogging this, but:

    they accept a 20p & a 10p. The change machine gives you 5 x 20p for a pound. So those fancy hand driers should be paid for in no time.

  4. Worth every penny, I can assure you, when caught wanting in the City Centre. The other option is to go into one of the pubs/coffee shops and look as if you are a definite customer!

  5. Egads, then! Paying to pee? Yikes, what is the world coming to? (yes, I ended that with a prepostition, but could not help myself!)

    Here in the US of A, I think (at least here in the northeast!) restrooms are free to use...if I had to pay, methinks the amount of change required would be quite "weighty"!!!!!

  6. Kae, you're right about the free loos in the States - I've been in a varied bunch in several states for free. And even out-of-the-way ones have automatic flushing (which can sometimes be quite startling...)

  7. Auto-flushes!!!Aren't they simply amazing? hehehe

    If you ever travel in the eastern states, along the eastern seaboard, the most "homey" restrooms are at Wegman's Grocery Stores. The colors are golden/rust....very cozy and comforting. They offer baby changing tables with free samples of baby care products, right down to disposable diapers and powder! Incredible! The lighting is also very "warm", creating an atmosphere that almost makes one want to linger! Sheesh!!! WHAT am I saying????? hehehehe!

    For real, though, Wegman's is a top-notch company with top-notch customer ervice and relations!

    Oh, and I am not familiar with the Dyson dryers, but my dentist has this tornado-tempered dryer that feels as though it would tear the skin right off elderly hands!!!! Since I am now getting old, my skin flaps about in the breeze! It would be quite funny, were it not MY skin!!!!!