Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Twittering away

I love this. I got the link from Neil, who sent me here. It shows all the stuff I tweet about - and if you don't know about Twitter maybe this is the day. It would be just the thing to update, for example, the Bishop's diary: if he tweeted "On Lewis" we wouldn't even try to get him to pop down for a flying visit to Dunoon, and if "Too busy to talk to a soul" or "driving from Campbeltown to Fort William" we'd know not to ring. No-one would be offended and everyone who cared to know would be in the loop.

But you can see from my little cloud of tweets above that I seem to be preoccupied with offspring and bed. Sounds just about right ...


  1. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Thanks for the nudge Chris. Your enthusiasm was infectious. I've now taken the plunge and the help of one of my patient and helpful sons to get into twitter.
    I've even put it on my blog.
    Now I just have to check my mobile contract plan to see that I have enough free texts to cope with my experiments :-)

  2. Great! Now - how to convince the bishop...