Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Drawing a veil ...

I'm going to be missing from the blogosphere for a few days as I vanish into a monastery in Perth with, among others, my pal Di. We'll be senior members of team on a Cursillo weekend, and one thing we'll have no opportunity to do is blog. If we were on a similar weekend in the USA we wouldn't even be allowed to have our mobile phones with us after the first evening - I fear I would have to resort to deviousness. Instead, we'll be busy looking after people and running up and down several flights of very hard stone stairs.

When I return I may well have lost any shreds of educational thought, but I write this now to remind myself that I would like to blog soon about some of the aspects of English teaching that I learned the hard way. I think I would have been a better teacher much earlier in my career if someone had pointed me in the direction I now favour.

But first it's the monastic life. Now where did I put the hot-water bottle?


  1. Have a good weekend. It looks like the aim of your weekend is probably considerably more fundamental than blogging for a few days. Enjoy your time and we look forward to your return.

  2. Almost sounds like another religion is inserting itself in here! Or possibly just Jack Straw!

  3. You go off for four days and all sorts of things happen on the outside - Jack Straw included! It's taken me all day to catch up....