Sunday, June 29, 2008

Music hath charms ...

Shall we go out now?
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It is completely fascinating to watch the development of a young child. Our grandchild, at 10 months, is showing among other things (like... climbing skills, like 'satiable curtiosity*, like ...) an extraordinarily marked reaction to music. We've watched her bopping to Mozart's Turkish Rondo on one of her fave toys, we've seen her move in time to the complex rhythms of her dad's latin american tracks, and she's now completely fascinated by her grandpa's piano-playing, adjusting her rhythmic movements to accommodate quavers or big, important tunes.

This morning we tuned in to the middle of a quiet, still, contemporary setting of the text "Viri Galileai" on the radio. Catriona had been crawling with early-morning energy round the wooden floor, but she immediately stopped, sat stock still, then swayed gently to the flowing movement of the piece. When it drew to its pianissimo conclusion, she breathed deeply and looked up.

It's magic. In fact, I think I need to take up playing my violin again...

*There's a wee literary reference here. Anyone?


  1. I take it Catriona is not 'great, grey-green or greasy'!

  2. Chris, Catriona is a doll! What a sweet little face! I love this photo...Not sure what the literary refeerence is here, but I can appreciate Catriona! hehehe

    It is so amazing when babies discover music. They are uninhibited and just sway and twirl with no regard to what it
    "looks" like! Isn't it sad to think that as we get older, we become so concerned with what surrounds us as opposed to what is *inside*???

  3. Aha! Thank you, Bill, for the clue!!!

  4. ahm, of course, got it in one - the Elephant's child from Kipling was possessed of 'satiable curtiosity' - and look where it got him!

    Katya, you haven't seen her great-uncle when there's dance music on!

  5. Whirling dervish, that's me.