Sunday, January 03, 2010

Frozen assets

Toward Point ..
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This photo shows why I live in this inconvenient place. It's stunningly beautiful just now - I can't recall a time when cold weather lasted so long or so fiercely here, where we're more used to grey skies and rain and any snow turning rapidly to slush. Today the temperature never got above freezing, despite the sun; it was, however, much less chilling than yesterday, when on this particular bit of coast the wind was blowing straight in our faces.

Actually, if this weather continues, we may get sick of always walking along the shoreline (everywhere away from the sea is a sheet of ice unless gritted) but for now, it's a joy. And it's a joy to be able to wear the really warm clothes I've had for years because they so seldom get out - the warm Goas of Rohan's back catalogue (fleece-lined windproof breeks), the double-sided fleece that usually makes me sweat just to look at it, the expensive goose-down gilet I splashed out on a couple of months ago.

But lest I sound too smug, here's where I record my sympathy for all my readers who have no water, whether in Arran or in Glen Lean or in Seil, those whose boilers (in Paisley) are malfunctioning. Just try to be your usual fragrant selves when next we meet, huh?


  1. Living in Paisley, we had a blocked main drain 27- 28th,Dec and then an hour after drain cleared, nae watter for 6 hours. Meantime I had bought half a loch of bottled watter from Tesco to share with the neighbours!
    But I am trying to remain my usual fragrant self, and working my way through serial 2 litre bottles of H20!
    Have a good 2010 and keep inviting us into the life of Dunoon, your episcopalian friends, and your reflections on this 'n that.
    The word verification sounds like a brand name for water purification - "ecopotor" :)

  2. I have been assured of assistance with warm water and laundry drying, should I require it, thank goodness. There is much harumphing about the whole ruddy thing, though.

  3. Oh dear - I'm sorry to hear that Paisley is even more beset with problems than I knew! I hope you both are restored to the 21st century sooner rather than later. A good new year to you both anyway.

  4. Chris, I love the winter when we can bundle up in warm clothing and go outside and defy the cold blasts! I do believe walking the shoreline must be glorious! I love seeing Canandaigua Lake in the winter, although we have so much wind all the time, it is hard to walk much! It is the take-your-breath-away wind that makes one turn about and walk backwards!!!

    I must confess, I have no idea what a goose-downgilet I go to Google!

    The poor souls w/o water!