Sunday, January 10, 2010

Poetic blethers?

I recently made a Tweet Cloud showing the chief preoccupations of my tweets. For ages now I've been meaning to take the results and turn them into a kind-of-poem; here, before the potatoes are ready to go in the oven, is the result. I rather like it.


Practice happy rain late
watching blog stuff, remember
dinner people feel, singing maybe,
live, wonderful, gone strange night -
afternoon, nice weather, garden doing.
Warm looks road, ferry lovely.
Tweet writing hard, wondering
left look, preparing home.
Family. Glasgow. Post.
Thank, actually, evening photos,
coffee, love, news, sleep.
Dunoon flickr minutes glad -
tonight, morning meeting.
Sorry, sunny London - time
getting Catriona, Alan, hours
mean holiday round looking,
trip, thanks. Pics till Oban
there's walk hope
train choir heading
thinking tomorrow dark,
hair trying, waiting lunch.
Little life:
Edinburgh, Argyll -

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