Sunday, January 31, 2010

Let us begin ...

Tomorrow Piskies in this corner of the church - Dunoon, Rothesay and Tighnabruaich, acting in their linked charge capacity for the first time - begin what we hope will be the last act in finding a new Rector. Tomorrow the visit to Rectory and church, the meeting with the Vestry and worship leaders, the informal conversations; on Tuesday the formal interviews. Three people are putting themselves through this process, and ten or so of us here in Dunoon are praying hard for guidance and harmony.

We're praying especially hard because it's been a long year, counting back to when we first heard of the impending departure of the previous incumbent. Some of us are beginning to feel a real hunger for the nourishment that wise leadership can bring. Today, because a former rector celebrated and preached, we were actually fed. I should have been preaching, but you can't run on empty. Tonight I'm thinking of all of us whose lives are about to be changed one way or another.

For now, anyway.


  1. Been there, done that once before. (Isn't it funny how different people are in person versus paper?) All the best with choosing the right one. :)

  2. Prayin' hard for you guys! You deserve to get yourselves a "diamond"!

  3. Met one of your applicants today. Very pleasant person. Good luck in your choosing the right one. :-)

  4. No white smoke yet - and I'm not involved in the final choice!

  5. No one is perfect, but I do pray that the new Rector's faults will be bearable, and his/her moments of insight inspirational.
    A good question would be - what is his/her vision for Dunoon.