Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Greylag - a poem out of meditation

 Eileen Lawrence: Greylag 1978
GREYLAG : watercolour and handmade papers

It disturbs me, this feather, plucked
from a hurrying greylag goose, or
caught by the wind’s impetuous 
wing and now quiet on the
artist’s page. I see myself in
the sharp-cut shine of the
leading edge, the vulnerable
wisps from deeper down, 
close to the panicked heart of things.
But that swift-curving quill - what
can I see in that but only
the Spirit’s arrow, clear and keen,
piercing the soul but in its arc
the colourless strength
that keeps me whole?

C.M.M. Iona, March ’14.


On our recent retreat, we spent time in silence. Sometimes we had a visual aid for our meditation, and this card was the first of these. 

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