Monday, February 27, 2006

The Gathering Storm ...

There. Isn't that a dramatic title for a day which took us to the site of the Tower of Orthanc? And for all my gentle readers who have been consumed with envy at the thought of us walking through sunlit desert, the news that today we were well and truly soaked, in the middle of a huge beech wood near the place which was Lothlorien. As I write, the rain is pelting down outside, and a short time ago we had lightening and loud thunder - and I have to tell you that Cromwell on a dreich evening looks much like Dunoon!

And as for feeling at home - the site of Orthanc (see my flickr photos for a shot)is near a town called Glenorchy, where we had the best sandwiches ever and where the streets have names like Mull Road, Oban Road and - yes - Argyll Street. Miles from anywhere too.

In the course of the day we crossed another very swingy suspension bridge - the ground bounced about for some time after that - herded sheep with our car, and saw helicopters fighting a large bush fire in the Kawaru gorge. I've learned, by the way, that the Kawaru River - see Friday's blog - was the River Anduin in the first LotR movie.

One last thing. The roadkill here is quite upsetting. Possums are quite large and fat and very furry looking. They make a mess on the road. I wish they'd learn some road sense. That's all.


  1. Must go and watch LotR again! You will be able to do that when you start to be fed up athome.

  2. I see you have fallen for the rumour that LotR was filmed in New Zealand. A clever marketing scam! It was actually fimed in the rather more authentic surroundings of Middle Earth itself.

    How could you have been conned like this, Chris ? ;-)

  3. Great pix! More love to all :)

  4. So enjoying your observations, and what marvellous photos. Love june

  5. I reckon Middle Earth is actually here, Don - tho' today (Tuesday) it felt like Heaven!