Monday, February 13, 2006

Not just round the block!

The photo here shows the kind of terrain we visited today - high above Lake Wakatipu. The mountain is Ben Lomond - 1748m - set back from the lakeside town of Queenstown. I didn't take to the town - far too busy with tourists (like us!) in a way that Cromwell is not. However, once we left the gondola which scooshed us up the first part of the hillside, we found ourselves in just our kind of country - a wee path, wonderful golden grasses, grasshoppers making guiro noises and jumping on our hats, and this mountain. The mountains look so young compared to ours in Scotland - none of the jaggy bits have been weathered off yet: just look at the outlines of these gullies.

Another thing I've noticed: the moon last night was brighter than I've ever seen before - almost enough to dazzle. Presumably something to do with the clarity of the air here - the stars are pretty spectacular too, and the sun is seriously fierce.

And I've just been terrified by a strange insect on the floor of the study ... this is not like blogging in Dunoon!


  1. Now you're really in your element!
    hugs etc.

  2. Trust you have plenty S.P.F.30! You should have photographed the insect. I love all your pictures etc. We steered Hilary on to your Blog so she can find out about where Aiison is going.

  3. Walter6:12 AM

    Christ, Jane and I have been following your adventures with pleasure, albeit mingled with a bit of jealousy. We hope you had a wonderful visit with Edgar.