Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tea and ginger

Tea and ginger
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A wee domestic moment. At home, we often end a walk with a cup of tea and some crystallised ginger - they go really well together. We managed to buy the ginger yesterday at the fruit stall, so we ended today with tea on the patio, in perfect temperatures. I even wrote postcards for the unblogged - if you're reading this you'll not be getting one!

If you click on this pic, you'll get to see what we did today, visiting Wanaka, an hour's drive away. We climbed a hill (of course) that was actually a roche moutonnee, left a strange shape by the movement of ice. From there we could see the snow-topped mountains of Mount Aspiring National Park - and look down on the growing town of Wanaka. All the houses are *so* different from what we're used to - tin roofs an' that - but everyone seems to have so much space, and houses appear to have everything needed for the life here.

And I've discovered what they call the infamous Cillit Bang here. It's called "Easy-off Bam". Isn't that wonderful? With the usual connotations (in the West of Scotland anyway) of the word "bam" it takes on a wealth of meaninglessness. In fact there are several things where you think you're looking at a familiar label and find it's different - like Marmite, which is My Mate here cos there's already a Marmite with a different label and meat in it.

And that's it for today - except that I drove the Bighorn home from Wanaka today at 100 kph (the speed limit). And we got here.


  1. Wonderful photos - I'm jealous of all the lovely warm sunny walks! I'm of to Glenbranter or thereabouts today in the cold and wet. Stop smirking!

  2. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Managed to catch up with you both at last.. it looks like you are having a wonderful time! Very jealous of all the blue skies.. we had a dreadful night with the usual wind and gales...there was even a traffic jam on the way to school this morning.. never mind - long weekend looming!
    Looking forward to working with Ewan on Tuesday.. he's coming in for a drink on Monday night!
    Have lots of fun!

  3. You should live in Edinburgh, Lesley! Went for a great walk yesterday in the sun. It's beating into the flat as I write. Getting sunburn through the glass on one side of my face ;-)

  4. 70 Critical Essays, 30 S2 reports, 30 S5 reports and the S2 Option Booklet later, I would love some tea and ginger. Can I come out and visit?

    Glad you're having a great time.:-)

  5. We were reduced to spending the afternoon at the cinema! The film ..."Walk the Line"...was super though and we didn't feel too slothful when we emerged, blinking, to rain,
    p.s.I like post cards!

  6. Bun - John watched that film somewhere above Australia! ( I was on a Bruce Willis at the time). All seems a distant memory now - pity we have to go through it all again before we get home!
    Oh - and it's hard to find PCs in Cromwell; it's not a resort, not really.
    Ewan/Lesley - don't squabble in the classroom now!
    Don - you can visit any time, kid.