Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Ash Wednesday - early!

St Andrew's
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Today being Ash Wednesday, it seems appropriate to begin with a pic of the inside of St Andrew's (Anglican) church, where we were this morning, observing the day about 20 hours ahead of our home congregation, who tend to do this in the evening! We were able to thank Roy, who told us about the hike we did yesterday - not in this pic as he's sitting in a corner talking about it to John.

Today, we felt, was quite like a slightly changeable summer's day at home - sudden showers kept the temperature down, and we had fleeces on (with shorts!) for part of our walk along the Clutha River this afternoon. We needed my pal Di with us today to look at the wee birds - they looked like female chaffinches until they suddenly stuck their tails up in a wonderful fan. This gave them a gliding, dipping flight, and they cavorted among the willows in pairs, cheeping in an excited manner. Actually I think they were discussing us - they seemed interested, and not at all timid.

As I write, the smell of curry is gradually filling the house - a suitable dinner for a cooler evening! Perhaps autumn is on the way here - the trees are turning and the rowans heavy in the garden. Time for us wee birds to head north again.


  1. The photos are fabby! Have you ever seen a glacier before? I'm quite envious (make that *very* envious).

    The church looks so Scottish, except for the delightful bell tower. You could be in Argyll.

  2. I *have* seen a glacier before - in fact I've walked on a lateral moraine in Switzerland - but I've never stood *under* one in quite such close proximity. It was awesome.

  3. How I laughed at N's comment.I know this is not the place to comment but I got confused. No trains north of Dundee today ....heavy snow. We're ok though and looking forward to seeing the "little birds" again.

  4. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Prayers from Ash Wednesday service at St Michael's and All Saints, Edinburgh.
    Shame you're about to migrate back just when I've got round to posting a comment - but as you know I'm a bit slow!

  5. Thanks, Marilyn - you're not that anonymous, you know!