Thursday, March 30, 2006

So there you have it ...

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Today I got an unexpected present in the post - a coaster defining what I'm doing. Now. This very minute. Blethering. My thanks to Mary, who sent it - an eye for a gift, that one! I especially like the example of the verb - "That wee yin o' yours is an awfy blether getting'" - and reflect that perhaps the possession of a blog has just such an effect. I must be worse - having done this I shall still go and write up the (paper) diary I have kept for the past 50 years or so. Just don't ask where I keep them all.

Today I also posted on another blog in anwer to its owner, who wondered why he was bothering. I suppose to some it appears a self-indulgent practice, perpetuating one's most banal thoughts for others to flick through. But I disagree. I don't think it's any more self-indulgent than chatting in company. Social intercourse, in fact.

And now I see from bloglines that Progress Report has two new posts - my students have been busy again. Time for me to stop blethering and do some work .....


  1. Now this is a most interesting picture. I need to add it to the wiki! It surely would make the blogicians have to stretch their minds.

    I for one hope you never stop blethering. The range of topics fascinates me. That's not even getting into the writing which is truly fine and give me something to aspire to!

    I had fun roaming back through your blog - I shall return!

  2. What fun to have a comment on a year-old post! I look forward to seeing what your wee bloggers make of it...