Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Inveraray Pier
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Had a touristy sort of day today, involving a trip to Inveraray (pictured), a visit to an art gallery to buy prints, two visits to the excellent Brambles eatery (great home baking and superior coffee) and a stop off at loch Fyne Oysters to buy salmon and venison. We also managed a brisk trot round the castle between showers of hail.

Then it was home to the growing interest in the Process Blogging that my students are doing. I must say I can't see why it isn't glaringly obvious to anyone involved in teaching writing that the demands of a readership beyond the classroom will spark the interest of most embryonic writers; if *I* feel the need to keep posting now at my advanced age, how much more stimulating would I have found the medium in my teens?

A visit from Duffy rounded off the day. But there is a fly in the otherwise emollient ointment of my life at present:
My Ancient Person's Scotland-wide Bus pass has not yet arrived. From April 1st the highways of this realm will be flowing with liberated oldies, scooshing about gratis from Coldstream to Cromarty - but unless someone gets the finger out I, alas, will not be one of them. I have handed the form and the photo in to the taciturn man in the post office - but then silence. I have a trip to Perth coming up, and I rather fancied going on a bus with my iPod, even if it does take half a day. I fear this may not happen, though there are a couple of days left.

I'm holding my breath....


  1. It was great seeing you both. You are looking so well and have had, and are about to have, so many adventures.

    Don't hold your breath too long - it could be fatal!

  2. Jimmy1:17 PM


    When I was 20 I thought that 50
    was a thousand years away
    but now I'm 50
    I think that 60 and 70
    are tomorrow and the next day
    And now I'm 50
    (no matter what you say)
    I know that 20
    is a thousand years away

  3. Ah but Jimmy - I'm still 20 in my head!

  4. Get this. The people at Freebus don't know I exist. This is what they said in a mail on Friday: "I do not currently see any record of your application and you have not stated how recently you applied so it may still be due to be processed. However I am sending another application form to you today for completion."

    Dead efficient, eh?