Monday, March 13, 2006

Shrinking world

The world seemed a wee bit smaller today with a phonecall from one of our new friends in New Zealand. As I remarked at the time, it was possible to hear the Kiwi voice without even being the one holding the phone. At the same time, I'm growing aware of how many people from the most unexpected quarters have been following my travel blog - and really pleased that several of them have been getting in touch.

A fellow-blogger wonders today if blogging is becoming too fashionable for serious Christian communication, because he belives that "Christian faith is at its prophetic best when it is both unfashionable and counter-cultural." But my recent experience has persuaded me that this kind of communication, allowing anyone to formulate ideas or simply to reflect on their life as they live it, is too valuable for anyone with an important message to ignore. There has been such a sense of sharing and appreciation expressed via this blog and the comments I've had over the past month that I feel I want everyone to be able to benefit from such a forum.

Today the snow has nearly all gone from the coastal areas, though the hills and glens are still white. I forgot my camera this afternoon or you would have seen a wonderfully bovril-coloured burn, hugely swollen by melting snow, thundering down the Bishop's Glen. Once more, as in Bendigo, I am thrown back on words.

Bovril. Gallons of it.


  1. While I don't think blogging - or even reading blogs - is for everyone, I do think it's yet another valuable tool for communication. Don't stop blogging.

  2. I agree! I quite enjoy hearing about others and what they do with their lives. With regard to your New Zealand trip, we were enjoying it with you. We didn't have to spend hours on the phone discussing what you did for a month - we read about it every day and we awaited your next adventure.

    Blogging is fun and enjoyable. It is more than an "on-line diary" it's an insight into others beliefs, lives and personal interests. And more importantly, it allows us to write and reflect about our life experiences.

  3. I'd also say it does good things for one's writing skills - wouldn't you agree, Duffy?

  4. Absolutely! Essay writing, surprisingly, has become enjoyable because I can write reflectively.