Sunday, March 23, 2008


Paschal candle
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Joyfully we have celebrated the Resurrection. Last night, as the snow fell and put paid to the outdoor New Fire, we lit our candles and sang our hosannas, we witnessed the baptism of a twelve year old who had memorised all his responses and spoke out clearly of his wish for baptism - and I sang the longest piece of plainsong I shall ever sing, the ancient Paschal Proclamation.

And just as there were disciples who were still hiding away when the women discovered the empty tomb on that first Easter, there were church folk, neither elderly nor infirm, who were absent. Doubtless they had some reason to justify their absence for themselves, but I cannot understand them.

Just how do you decide to opt out of the most important events in the church year?


  1. And thank you for sharing this most special time! I went and looked through your photos entitled "holy week" and, oh, how wonderful they are! Three that stood out (besides the excellent sunsets) were Millport reflected, the water jug, and the Easter flowers...those daffodils beckoned to my heartstrings. (we shan't be seeing any springlike flora for at least a couple more weeks!)

    After reading your wonderfully-crafted entries, and seeing your photos, I almost felt as though I was there with you! This has been a real treat. Thank you!

  2. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Hi Christine, I have been following your Holy Week exploits with great interest. It is a source of great amazement (and despair) to me, how 'church folk' do not seem to see the need or to have the wish to attend major church celebrations. There is no enthusiasm, challenge or fire in their make up!!,(or even questions). Am looking forward to seeing how The Passion finishes tonight- I have enjoyed it, but have a few points of disagreement (naturally!) love, Doddy

  3. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Reading your frustration re church members, who do not attend - especially at Easter.
    Suggestion: Take up Bishop Martin's challenge set @ St Paul's Church, Kinlochleven on 9th March i.e.
    "Each one of you, bring someone to church with you."
    Could some Episcopalians with access to computers organise a special 'FAILTE' day to encourage this along the lines of 'Open Doors Day'.
    Apologies, would be unable to help with organisation as busy preparing for first Event 2008 for St John's, Ballachulish Restoration Appeal: WALK from Loch Creran to Loch Leven. SEE, see Ballachulish, see Events Calendar 2008. WALKING BOOTS & WATERPROOFS ESSENTIAL! Julie

  4. Katya - happy to have you virtually with me through Holy Week.
    Doddy - glad you're not really "anonymous"! I wonder what you thought of the last episode now you've seen it - especially the way the post-resurrection appearances were handled?
    Julie - +M told me of his challenge. Sort of a biblical idea, isn't it - bit like the marriage feast!

  5. Donald M7:43 PM

    Hi Chris,

    On Easter Morning I had snow falling, a bitter bitter north wind and a cold slog up to my church in Eoropaidh. I was gobsmacked to find a score of like minded people there just waiting patiently. So if some of your people don't want to come out and celebrate the most important day of the Christian year, send them up here, we'll show them some real hardy Christianity :-)

    Oh and I can use a blog by the way, thanks for the class in Oban :-)

  6. Cheers, Donald! maybe it's the ease of getting to church that makes people here less bothered - especially since the driveway was resurfaced! Are you blogging yourself yet??