Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Very strange happenings chez blethers this evening. It all began normally enough, with one of these wee windows from Firefox advising a new update, which I duly installed and found that the quick contacts box had vanished from my g-mail account page, along with the ability to chat. Had Firefox decided that such activities were a threat to my security? Next I tried downloading the updates to my OS, including the latest version of Safari. Now, Safari hadn't supported the chat facility till now, but, advised by a friendly guru that it now did, I went ahead.

No joy. No chat - just delayed messages received when I had been, apparently, offline. But the latest horror was that when I tried to compose a new mail (using gmail on Safari) I found that every time I pressed a "shift" key, the text migrated into the subject box. Daunted, I sent an entirely lower-case mail to a recipient who will think I've lost my few remaining marbles and relaunched Firefox.

And there it was. Chat and quick contacts miraculously restored. All well. I did nothing new - just relaunched.

Safari on t'other hand is still doing very strange things with the shift keys. Anyone else had this bother - or am I especially favoured?


  1. Do you run a Mac Chris?
    Don't quote me but I think the keyboard shortcuts act differently on Safari because they are used for different native Safari actions.

    Firefox all the way.

  2. Yes, I always have - though this is the first time I've experienced this particular problem. I wonder if it's something in the latest version?

  3. Have you heard about the engineer, mathematician and computing scientist that were sharing a car when it broke down?

    "Open the bonnet and I'll have a look." said the engineer. "I'm sure I'll be able to spot what's wrong if I poke about for a while."

    "Now slow down a minute." said the mathematician. "Let's do this logically. We should write down all the possible problems and rank them in order of likelihood."

    But he computing scientist said, "Can we not just get out the car and back in again? That usually works."

    So your observation:

    And there it was. Chat and quick contacts miraculously restored. All well. I did nothing new - just relaunched.

    Sounds about right. :-)

  4. My kind of specialist, david!