Monday, March 03, 2008

New York, Vegas-style

New York, New York!
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I'm off to Oban in the morning (snow permitting) to talk to the Diocesan reps about wired ways to save money and miles - but I shall be back to share my take on Vegas when the Synod is over. Meanwhile, this photo shows one of the absurdities of The Strip - the New York skyline replicated above the casino resort New York New York. There is a permanent memorial to the 9/11 firecrew victims built into a new wall under Lady Liberty, in which signed t -shirts which originally hung there have been displayed in cases. That little area is quite solemn. The rest is not.

My photos are beghinning to appear here. But now - mind on other things. Concentrate!

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  1. oooooooo....tacky, tacky, tacky!

    Perhaps the only similarity between NYC and Vegas is that they both fail to sleep! After living in NYC for a year, I guess it was pretty nice returning back to "upstate NY". BTW, upstate is anywhere in NY that isn't NYC!!!!!!!