Tuesday, March 11, 2008

All happening in Alamo

Alamo, Nevada
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This is Alamo, Nevada. We stopped there to refuel car and bellies. There was, as far as we could see, one shop and two gas stations before the desert began again. But The Lincoln County Record - pages of which were wrapped round the Area 51 shot glasses we bought in Rachel - tells us there is more to Alamo than meets the eye.


Harvey Caplan of Pahrump wants to build an FM radio station in Alamo. Caplan is the co-founder of an Internet talk station in Pahrump and says he has an FCC permit to build a new station in Alamo within the next three years. Although he would like it to be a lot sooner than that....
.... He said his plan was to have the station to ..."be as local as possible. ... We will start as best we can, as many hours as we can, with responsible individuals who will not curse over the air.."

The technical end would be professionally run, "but the content end," Caplan said, "would be relaxed and casual. I have nice people come in and do interesting shows."

In the same paper there was news of the prospective builders for the new Alamo rodeo grounds and an advert for - I imagine - real estate near Rachel, Nevada. (If you've read my previous post you'll know about this even less likely place):

Beautiful views, excellent recreational opportunities, mild climate and peaceful environment. New subdivision with CC&Rs (whatever they are). Eight, 1 acre, buildable lots left i Phase 1, with toads*, water, power and telephone available to the lot line. Only $16,500 per lot. Financing and home construction available. View our website at www.lincolnestates.com.

Don't all rush. Remember what they test out there - and the aliens.

Update: Sorry to disappoint - but the *toads were a typo. It should have been, boringly, roads.


  1. Ah but the toads might be fun!

  2. Hmmm...well, all I can think of as I read these "stories" from that paper is the song "high Hopes"...the one with the words "Just what makes that little old ant think he can move a rubber tree plant?"

    I am wondering if CC&R's are country clubs and resorts? Don't you know that all Americans want to retire near a country club? (ugh)

    Judging from the looks of the countryside there, these folks have a little ways to go...hehehehe

  3. katya,
    No no no. We don't all want the country club retirement. Give me a mountain or a forest or a shore...please!!!