Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Transplant surgery

At last I've gathered up the will power to install the new Mac OSX - Leopard, or whatever feline it's named for. I must say it seems to have bucked up my aging laptop no end - all working very fast at the moment, and looking strangely shiny and clear-eyed. I'm somewhat disappointed to find that iPhoto seems to be just the same as before; I was looking for the features of the new version as found in iLife. Do you only get that if you buy a new machine?

And I've returned for the moment to Safari rather than Firefox; when I last used the former there were no useful features in my Blogger posting window, and now they're all there. It seems very speedy - is this generally accepted these days?

Anyway, to anyone who has upgraded in this way, I'm open to all suggestions as to how to enjoy this to the full - until the G4 has a fatal heart attack and gives me an excuse to buy a replacement!


  1. Leopard is quite cool I agree - loads of great features. I particularly like the Quick Look function.

    iPhoto is part of the iLife package so doesn't upgrade - you'll need to buy iLife08 to get all the latest stuff. My disappointment was that they changed iMovie too much and I haven't got to grips yet with a piece of software that I used to be comfortable with!!! iPhoto's good though.

    Good luck.


    Head there and you'll find all sorts of great tips and tricks, I've been a LifeHacker fan for a while and I've learned a huge amount. I'm a Linux fan so I can't give any first hand tips I'm afraid

  3. Thanks, doug - I'll take a look!