Saturday, February 02, 2008


It's carnival time in Funchal tonight, and the town is throbbing to grotesquely amplified music - drumming, Mozart, brass bands - you name it, it's loud and we have no earplugs. The costumes are amazing and everyone is having fun at top volume. Cowal Games will seem tame..

Update: Having somehow uploaded a sideways image to this post via my phone, I've substituted a pic of one of the "ladies" who assembled near our restaurant before the parade. Shortly after I wrote the above, the heavens opened in a dramatic cloudburst - but apparently the carnival continued undaunted. I'd hate to have seen these feathers all drookit, though.


  1. You're absolutely right to brace yourself for re-entry! Atrocious weather and council strikes mean no ferries from Rothesay from Mon -Thursday this coming week.

    Will join the queues at Rhubodach tomorrow! Gig in Paisley. Had planned to return that way anyhow to go to Shrove pancake do at K's.

    x Al

  2. Now home, I see what you mean! Maybe see you for a pancake...

  3. Aw Chris, I kinda giggled when I saw the sideways photo! But, this one is really interesting!

    Now, off I go to Google "drookit"!

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  5. Katya, did you find "drookit"? Exam at the end of the month!

  6. Drookit....drenched, thoroughly soaked...

    "I fell into a ditch and was drookit!"

    (since I have NO idea what, exactly, a "burn" is!!!!)

    I have dutifully bookmarked the following:

    I only wish they had MORE words there!!!!!

  7. Well done, Katya - a virtual Mars Bar for you! And a burn is a wee stream!

  8. So...Georges Burns was really George "wee streams"? Hmmm....sound verra American Indian! (okay, so I have a teeny, itsy-bitsy tiny, tiny amount of Algonquin Indian blood in my veins!)