Monday, February 25, 2008

Reality check

Right - the deal is a photo with a moblogged post, or a proper post on Neil's Asus tiny PC. This is the latter.

I have never been in such a crazy place. Today I have visited Paris and Venice, to say nothing of the Sphynx outside my bedroom window. Today I kept feeling as if I was wandering in Second Life - and on more than one occasion forgot I was indoors. Today I had champagne and tacos for breakfast, as well as more conventional items like fruit, granola and bacon. Oh, and pancakes and maple syrup. There will be photos to record all this, but right now I'm too jetlagged to think of such things and need a wee lie down with the Oscars ceremony before we go to the Cheesecake Factory in Caesar's Palace for dinner.

Our tour leader, it has to be said, is displaying amazing fortitude and patience. The Cheesecake Factory is his reward ...


  1. Sounds just like SecondLife. Was thre huge breakfast because you thought it was lunch?

  2. Chris, I am smiling ear to ear!!!!
    Just remember.....this is VEGAS, NOT typical of the entire US of A!!! And, just an aside, remember there are three separate time zones in "just" the contiguous US, making even those of us on the east coast suffer jet lag were we to venture to the "left coast".

    Did you enjoy your rather large breakfast? Gads. I think I would have slept the rest of the day. Never been to the Cheesecake Factory for a meal, but will add to the "to do" list!

    The Asus...that would be an eee? I SO want a pink one!!!!!!!

  3. That will be the edible cheesecake, I suppose, and not the poolside variety? I envy you your pancakes and maple syrup - yea, I drool!

    Don't lose track of time: check the lack of clocks in the casinos. Yield not to temptation, as we used to sing in the Band of Hope. (Oh, well... if you must. Just blog the details!)

    Why do people forget about poor old Mountain Time? Eastern, Central & Pacific get all the attention; and they often merge MT with CT. It's not fair!