Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Night and Day. .

. . It makes no difference. This pic from outside our room was taken at 10pm, but it'll look just the same when I get up tomorrow. After breakfast I'll bet with some of the cash Neil won tonight, but right now I need to sleep after a day in which we explored the bowels of the Hoover Dam and got pink in the hot desert sun. A footnote for those who care: I did in the end suffer for the excesses of yesterday's breakfast. Oh yes.


  1. I do care, but am I surprised...oh no.

  2. I just clicked over from MadPriest's blogroll. Glad to see you are having a big time in our most well-lighted city. Remember: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas so knock yourself out!
    Austin, Texas

    Since you are an English teacher I'll ask... should it be well-lighted or well-lit? Forgive me, I'm an A'murcun.