Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gender bias?

A visitor
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I've been posting my Madeira photos to flickr over the past few days, and this one is, I think, my favourite from the Carnival evening in Funchal. The figure at the window of the restaurant where we were eating seems to me to carry all the mystery and slight menace of the occasion, feelings which tended to vanish later in the exuberant crowds of the parade. This glamorous "lady" belonged to the group of wonderfully exotic dancers who were marshalling in the Old Town, and the excitement as the various white-clad figures appeared out of the shadows was palpable. You can read more about the parade here.

However, I realised this morning, some twelve hours after I'd uploaded the photos, that there were a couple which were considerably more popular than the rest - 9 times more popular, if the number of views was to be believed. These pics were of more scantily-clad ladies - and yes, they were actual ladies, not chaps dressed to kill.

Does this mean, I wonder, if most of the folk who flickr are, like the Carnival ladies, chaps?


  1. You are surely falling into stereotyping as well.

    They might also have been of interest to lesbians or bi-sexuals - or even to the girls themselves.

  2. Nah - I was posing a question. Surely that means I was more teetering on the brinkthan falling? ;-)