Thursday, April 06, 2006

Another suitcase in another hall...

Ring bell for attention!
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More journeying - not as far as NZ, but epic in its own little way.

I've been in deepest Perthshire, staying at a wonderfully comfortable place, The Bield, for a meeting of the SEC Lay Learning group. If you click through to the rest of my pix, you will see that I couold have been swimming in the private pool or walking in the fields, but in fact I was talking and listening the whole time. And eating.

I travelled the whole way to Perth for nothing, thanks to the fact that my ferry pass is still accepted, and seems to have magically extended its range to Perth despite the non-arrival of my new bus pass. However - and this is where my journey home took on an epic quality - buses are subject to the same hold-ups as other road traffic. There was a great hold up near - I think - Denny, and we pulled into Buchanan Street bus station 20 minutes late. As I left the bus, the one next to it pulled out. It was the bus to Gourock. The last bus to Gourock - and I had missed it.

A man in a bus company uniform had only his sympathy to offer, and the advice that I should try a train. I took to my heels, not even pausing for the wee weep which I felt an appropriate response to the situation.

The happy ending? Yes. I caught an express train by the skin of my wheelie case and arrived home 10 minutes earlier than I would have if I'd come on the bus.

But I had to pay for the train.


  1. But I had to pay for the train


    You're turning into a right pensioner! Did you know that? You'll be swapping that pink hair for a blue rinse and those jeans for a tartan skirt any minute now. Next will come the white cardi, followed by meals on wheels. :p

  2. Do you not get some reduction on the train? Being married to a pensioner now, these things have become of interest! Perhaps the aged are not supposed to be about after a certain time. I know you are meant to stay indoors until 9a.m.

  3. Di - "right" pensioners do not run like blue-arsed flies/startled gazelles through the centre of Glasgow (delete the least appropriate simile).

    Bun - I think it would be reduced; £2.50, it cost me.

  4. Looks like we're all experiencing the same kind of thing at the moment. Just as well we have this blogger milarky to have a good moan - and let everyone know about it. I feel your pain Chris, and hope you have recovered with alcohol and chocolate!

    Ps - have you checked out the poetry site? What do you think?

  5. I have checked the site, Duffy - I think it's a good idea, much as the Progress Report is. However, it's a hard thing to comment properly on the writing of a total stranger, or to accept a stranger's opinion - or do you disagree?
    Anyway, I'm sticking with RST in my next post!