Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sleep that knits up the ravelled sleave of care ...

Today *could* be the start of a new regime. I was up at 5am this morning, catching an early ferry to meet a friend off a flight from the USA and take her to Cumbrae to do a stint in the cathedral as Acting Warden. As a result, I'm half dead and instead of blogging at midnight I'm doing it at 10.30pm. If I get to bed early, I may be able to rise early as well - though actually I find 5am just a little discomfiting. Somehow the inclusion of wailing seagulls in the dawn chorus is all too appropriate.

When I stopped work, I had this vision of myself rising early and leaping off to the pool or the gym to hone my aging carcass. No such practice has evolved. Instead I stay up till 2am and get only 6 hours of sleep in bed. However, I read that in the Middle Ages people would take a "first sleep" in the early evening and then stay up till the small hours blethering and quaffing. Maybe I should have lived in another era.

But I don't think I'd have liked the sanitation.


  1. You have to ask yourself if you're happy working the way you do. You seem to be. The human body wasn't made to sleep in huge spans. It was made to cat nap. When I have to do the Across the Pond and Through the Fiber podcast I'm up at 2am or 4am to actually record the show with the guys, who are in Canada and the USA. I work through the night, cat nap when I want to during the day and am back to 'normal' at night when Morgane returns. It feels OK to me.

  2. I actually followed the vision you had after I stopped work....I think it lasted a week, maybe two. Now I only go to the gym early to get a massage and I don't think that's quite the same. I'm sure it's good for something though.

  3. Well - I *did* get up at 7.20am, and walked 1.36 miles very briskly before 8am. The sun was shining and I walked back along the West Bay. Now, three hours later it's raining - so I feel smug on several scores!

  4. Jimmy8:35 PM

    Should I reach the age of sixty (God willing) this fact will make me happy that for a whole 20 years I will have done the exact right thing with my life - 'Slept' Getting it right for 20 years is no mean feat.

  5. I generally catnap for about 20minutes on the train on the way home - I recommend it for generally perking up the rest of the evening. It DOES make it harder to sleep at night but as I find it difficult to get up no matter how much sleep I've had it works pretty well for me.