Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lost and gorn forever?

Yesterday, I posted a little link to a Guardian story about the small numbers of web-users who publish blogs (about 2%) and even view a weblog at least once a month (about 10%) It was brief, slightly smug (after all, it's nice to be ahead of the pack in my declining years) and to the point. At least one person read it. And I read it, dammit, this afternoon - because Duffy complained that he was unable to post a comment on it.

Neither was I. I mailed Blogger help, having trawled through vaguely relevant but ultimately unhelpful topics in the Help section. I emptied my cache. I republished the entire blog. And then the poor thing vanished without trace. And I mean without trace - it's as if it has never been. It's not listed in the post list of titles. If Duffy and others had not seen it I'd suspect my sanity - such is the effect of a bad blogger day.

If this were to happen to other, more important (to me anyway) posts I'd throw a wobbler. As it is, I shall merely sulk.


  1. Anonymous9:42 PM

    I've still got the post in my feed reader if you want it back? It was a good one too :D

  2. Yes please - I don't like to think of it floating around like Kirk stuck in a malfunctioning transporter!

  3. like Kirk stuck in a malfunctioning transporter

    Or Sapphire and Steel in their floating through time and space café!

  4. Glad you got that sorted! I thought I was possibly doing something wrong but alas, it's all better!