Friday, April 28, 2006

Early birds

Lochside path
Originally uploaded by goforchris.
Another righteous morning - up early and off for a walk in the Bishop's Glen (pictured - more on flickr) As I walked up the road beside the lower gorge, the sound of the birds was drowned out by the rush of water below, but as I emerged at the lochside the noise died away and I was surrounded by birdsong.

It was, quite simply, perfect. The temperature was about 5ยบ, according to my car, the sun was in the "wrong" place - because I usually walk there in the afternoon or evening - and there wasn't a soul. I walked a mile and a half, stopping every now and then to take photos, and when I returned to the car the first dog-walkers were appearing. Normally I'm a gregarious sort, but I found myself resenting their intrusion.

I may be tempted to rise even earlier some sunny day!


  1. How about up the hill behind our "castle" before breakfast?

  2. Funny - I was just thinking that! Might beat a swim if it's on the chilly side ....