Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cuckoo ....

Ok. It's official. It may be chilly, showery, windy - but it's Spring and I heard a cuckoo this afternoon, making unmistakably cuckooesque calls in the Bishop's Glen. We were walking through the devastation left by the Forestry people when they have removed all the timber from one of their forests - think the Somme without the guns - when this call came, clear and repeated several times.

I enjoy the fact that we have all these paths giving us access to the hills and forests - but when the trees are harvested it takes an age for the hillside to recover any appearance of normality, while the actual terrain remains hopeless for walking because of stumps, branches and ditches. It was great to be there in the pale sun today, however, and a treat to hear my first cuckoo of the year.

Almost made up for yesterday!


  1. Where did that bird come from? It wasn't there when I first looked but after I'd gone off and looked at various links [only a few secs.], when I returned to your page, there it was!I take it that was not the actual bird you heard?

  2. Don't you think cuckoos look like kestrels with tired wings?

  3. Happy Spring-time!

  4. Bun - no; I nicked this bird from another site!
    Di - I hadn't thought of that - perhaps because I never see kestrels clearly enough as i never have my specs on...