Friday, April 21, 2006

Minority Pursuits - recovered!

I accessed my lost post in Claire's bloglines and reproduce it here to prove that I have not yet lost all my marbles. It is, of course, past its sell-by date and therefore a little sad.

"According to a piece on today's Guardian Unlimited blogging is still very much a minority pursuit. Only 2% of Internet users publish a blog, and only 10% - around 2.8 million people - view a weblog once a month or more.

So it's small wonder that I find it such hard work trying to persuade people of the value of this kind of communication, and still find myself explaining what I'm talking about to perfectly sane people who have never heard of weblogs. I find that even when I've directed someone to this blog to see something particular, they prefer to send me an email to tell me they've seen it, and even to comment therein, rather than post in the comments box. Today I was asked if it wasn't embarrassing to put my feelings into the public domain. I guess you won't do this kind of writing if you're inhibited - but what do you write? And for whom?

Anyway - if you're reading this, you're in a significant minority."
Posted on: Wed, Apr 19 2006 11:56 PM


  1. I am experiencing a similar kind of thing. I have a friend who reads my blog and then phones me to comment on it! I keep telling her to comment.

    We write for ourselves, I'd say, knowing that others are there to listen (or read).

  2. Intersting, this world of The Blog - I linked from someone's search on my sitemeter and got the vanished blog entry as it looked before it disappeared. So where is it? It gives me a sore head .....

  3. [technobabble]Blogger will have published your post as an RSS feed and various feedreaders (like my bloglines sub) will have picked that up before it was deleted and they've effectively got a cached copy of the original post[/technobabble]

    Anyway, glad I could be of assistance (and I'm obviously not paying well enough for comments, although currently that's due to lack of postings)