Sunday, April 23, 2006

Mind-blowing mummy

A quick thought before bedtime. Actually it *is* bedtime, but I'll think briefly nonetheless. After last night's jolly excursion I had a quick look at my stats and discovered that, thanks to appreciative comments in a Yahoo group by a couple of cyberpals, the number of page views for this site from the US had risen considerably. The contrast between the two venues, as it were - the village hall in a tiny seaside village and the vastness of cyberspace - struck me forcibly.

I was also struck by the contents of a post that one of my friends had contributed to the group. In it, he recounted the historical story of what we know as the Exodus from the point of view of the archeological evidence, making me think twice about, inter alia, the death of the Firstborn - which could have referred, apparently, to the death of Kamose Seqenenre Taa ll, last king of the Theban 17th dynasty, who died from a wound received in battle against the Hyksos invaders. In the account, the term "Firstborn" is used as one of the titles of the king. You can even see his mummy, complete with head wound, here

The king which followed him is Amose, Moses in Hebrew. Amose (Moses) was the founder of the great 18th dynasty and was responsible for driving the Hyksos from Egypt and back into Palestine. According to the Egyptian version of things, the Hyksos then founded a new city there. It was called Jerusalem.

I'm actually incredibly ignorant about this area, and I was fascinated. The business of history being written by winners also struck me; having been adept at map-drawing I gave up on history at a lamentably early age. So, Digs, if you're reading this - thank you for opening a wee area of my mind to new knowledge, and my apologies for a hasty and probably inept condensing of your information.

There. I feel I've lifted a tiny corner of a big box, peered inside, said "wow!" and promptly shut it again. But at least I now know that the box exists. And that it is one of milllions that I've never seen.

Wow. Again.

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