Thursday, April 13, 2006

Maundy Thursday


We have come again to
This place, this Garden -
We came before, but it seems
New to us now, in this dark.
And we must watch - watch
What? And for what long hours?
Hard it is, to watch a man wrestle with himself,
To watch the inside of my mind.
Moments crawl like black insects.
A cat speaks close in the hollow air;
Voices sound far in another world.
Eyes droop in a dizzying second as
Time slips sideways into oblivion.

A sudden movement warns and
Wakes. It is nearing its end, this
Endless watching, and now it is
Too brief, hearts race, senses cry out:
Stay. Not yet. I did not
Concentrate - and it is over.
He is taken from us, and the darkness
Crowds accusing, jagged with regrets.
Under a bloody moon, the world
Turns quietly towards the day.


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