Friday, April 07, 2006

Not blogging but singing ...

I'm about to have a break from blogging and return to my pre-geekery love of choral singing - not with a cast of thousands (oh, all right - a hundred then) but with no more than three voices to a part, on Sunday. I shall be singing in a performance of Stainer's Crucifixion in the Cathedral of The Isles on Cumbrae, rehearsing all day Saturday and dashing home so's we can do Palm Sunday in Dunoon before returning to the Cathedral. The picture is of the sanctuary - the polychromatic tiling is a feature of Butterfield's architecture. The building is one of my favourite places and the acoustics are wonderful.

This concentrated rehearsing and performing is challenging but enjoyable, and most of the singers there will have looked over the music before they turn up. However, I have to admit that I'm particularly looking forward to the three days after Sunday's performance, when I'll be singing daily Evensong with only one voice to a part - when every sound matters and the involvement is total. We hope to be able to do part of Tallis' Lamentations of Jeremiah on Wednesday, before we come home to take up the Passion narrative in our own church.

So don't worry about me, faithful readers - I'll be back!


  1. Have fun. Look forward to the up-coming stories.

  2. Carson6:14 PM

    Hello there, it's Carson, one of the wide eyed and innocent adolescents that you used to teach in a bygone era. I was told by a reliable source (Mum) that you are now a professional blogger. Very impressed. Will be sure to keep up with your musings.

  3. As you will see from the next post, Duffy, we had a wonderful time.
    Carson - I'm pleased to see you have time for a spot of blog-surfing: an aspiring journo should have one of his own!