Sunday, April 30, 2006

Eastern shores

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I just had to blog this photo - if you know we're off to Crete soon you might be forgiven for thinking we'd gone early! In fact this is Newhaven Harbour, along the shore of the Firth of Forth from Leith. We spent the day there yesterday - an excellent lunch in Chez Daniel, followed by a walk along the road to see the incredible collection of flats being
built on reclaimed land just beyond where I took this photo.

Having already visited two such flats in the past, I was determined not to look at any more, but we were seduced by a penthouse show flat because of the views it would afford. And yes, the view was magnificent - and you can see it over on flickr - but I don't think I'll be moving from The Blethers just yet. Show houses are, of course, designed to within an inch of a table napkin, and to leave one book lying on a chair would upset the whole shebang, but my main gripe in all of the flats we've visited is that there is nowhere to put your smalls! Sure, there are wardrobes - but do *you* hang your unmentionables in the wardrobe? Trust me - there was no floor space in that layout to accommodate a nicely concealing chest of drawers.

Chest of drawers .... hah!

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