Monday, June 05, 2006

Random moanings

Another brief wail of despair ... The new modem arrived today, and our hearts quickened a little with anticipation. Was the long drought of the mind about to end? (sorry - that's a quote from R.S. Thomas, I think) How foolish we were. Of course it didn't work. More fruitless hours on the phone, which then died of overuse.

We dumped the helpline and asked a local expert. He gave us the information that some 240 people in the Dunoon area - to his knowledge - have had to have their phone lines replaced all the way back to the pole since that storm. The storm, by the way, seems to have happened in another life. I grow old, I grow old ....

And now I have to go to the Synod in Edinburgh. The joy is that I shall be staying with a friend who has broadband. If I stay sober I may bob up again - or should that be blog up?


  1. It should be - 'drink up' I think! You sound as if you have a touch of what our family call "The Duffy Curse." Nothing is ever simple, eh?

  2. Agh .... anything but the Duffy Curse! ;-)