Wednesday, September 03, 2008


It's amazing how disconcerting it can be when your computer becomes sick. My laptop (a 4 year old G4 laptop) suddenly started to flash up little messages telling me that my startup disc was full, that I should delete files to free it up. I deleted some old stuff, tidied up a bit - no good. It was still groaning quietly, occasionally huffing and puffing, performing tasks at a glacial rate - a real oldie with a severe case of memory loss. And now it's in Intensive Care, being operated on by my good friend Mr Heathbank, having its marbles removed entirely and replaced - I think that's the plan - using my backup drive and the results of Time Machine. Sounds too clever to be true, but I'm hoping.

Meanwhile, Mr B is letting me use his machine, a big beast which sighs dramatically, purrs powerfully, and zips about at great speed. The keyboard makes the clunking sound I found so enticing in the movie "Wargames" - when the teenage geek hacked into the Pentagon war simulator: remember? I can't type on it with anything like my usual speed or accuracy, and I keep feeling for the non-existent track-pad. I've lost all my former mouse-dexterity - it has, after all, been four years - and I can't get used to looking up at the screen instead of down, though I know this is better for posture.

I'm contemplating buying a desktop to supplement (and I hope it is that rather than replace) the laptop, but there are so many drawbacks I'm beginning to wonder. Feel free to comment! And in the meantime, I need to sort out the conflicting calls on the mail front or Mr B will repent of his kind offer ...


  1. Anonymous11:47 PM

    We must be twin souls, as Bertie Wooster might exclaim. I am typing on my old tortoise, since the 7-week-old hare is languishing glumly on top of the printer, stricken into uselessness by the sudden death last Saturday of the similarly young adapter.

    PC World could do nothing ("Ah - you've had it more than 28 days. Not our responsibility.") PC World's helpline, to which I was directed, did their own impression of Pontius Pilate, directing me to the Sony customer service helpline(oxymoron of the month), which seems to be in the Republic of Ireland, and does not operate on Saturdays or Sundays. Well, it makes a change from Anthony or Melissa in Bangalore.

    In fact, they were quite quick in promising me a replacement, to be couriered across the water by DHL by Wednesday or Thursday. Lo! Today (Wednesday) it arrived at the office, to which they had been happy to send it (bonus points). Unfortunately, they had omitted to tell me to have the dead adapter ready to deliver in exchange for the new one. DHL drivers will not give you a quid unless there is a concomitant quo. So it'll have to be Friday, since I'm not at work when the driver next passes that way.

    Oh well... slow and steady etc etc.

  2. I think if you were using both desktop and laptop, both would feel natural. I find it so, at least.

  3. At the moment I'm mucking about with three differing desktop PCs and one laptop (apart from also looking after me wife's desktop as well).

    Laptop is excellent for specific tasks (and traveling), but give me the desktop for speed anyday.

    I switch back and forth with very few problems.

  4. Anonymous8:14 PM

    I live off both; when it's not out roaming, the notebook lives on the desk beside the mac here - can heartily recommend synergy for sharing the one keyboard & mouse over the network, too.