Saturday, November 29, 2008

We are a grandmother, again

All of 15 months ago I wrote that I was quoting the Blessed Margaret for the first and last time, but here we go again. We are, for the second time, a grandmother. Neil and Mary's baby boy, Alan John McIntosh, was born about 24 hours ago in London, and he's a big boy, in the fine tradition of his father's generation of McIntosh babies.

Right now, I'm at the stage of feeling as if I'd given birth myself (no: that's hyperbole - but allow me a bit of overstatement, won't you). After Neil's call at nearly midnight (I was catching up on blog stats at the time) we wet Alan's head with a fine malt and headed, burbling, bedwards. At 3am I was up checking Flickr for the first photo (yes - it was there) and at 7am I was making bread after 4 hours of exhaustingly dream-filled sleep. This business of new life arriving really digs into the psyche, especially when the new life is 25% your own genes.

And the amazing thing for me is that yesterday, with no knowledge of the ongoing labour (some people keep their cards very close to their chests!) I wrote a poem called Mary's baby. Ok, there are seasonal impulses at play here - but I think it's quite a coincidence. At the moment, the poem is maturing and there are no photos for public consumption - but watch this space.

And Alan has his own Twitter account already!


  1. Anonymous3:40 PM

    When you told me the good news, after I had fortuitously sent my recent rant, I found myself hoping that the new mother was called Mary (I honestly didn't know - or didn't remember, at my age) so that we could all dig out our old Harry Belafonte records! All the best to Mary's Boy Child!

  2. Oh how delightful! A warm and heartfelt congratulations, Chris! A new little boy...that is exciting! (a girl would have been just as exciting!!!)

    Sending warm wishes across the pond to the New Little One and the entire family!

  3. Congratulations Chris! What a lovely early Christmas present.
    Best wishes to you all xxx

  4. Normally, I disapprove of Maggie quoters - but I'll let this go! Many congrats to all concerned!

  5. All my love and congratulations to you and all the family, Christine. XX

  6. Thank you, all you lovely people out there: Alan and his mum got home this evening, so we have heard him crying!