Monday, February 02, 2009


Today we celebrated Candlemas. As the north wind moaned outside the church, we put out all the lights and waited in the candlelight for the light which came to the aged Simeon as the Christ-child was presented in the temple. We were few in number - and that was all right. It was very, very cold - and that seemed right too. We sang wonderful hymns, ending with plainsong, and our breath rose like the incense-smoke in the cold air. It was both the end of the season of the Nativity and the prologue to the season of Lent, with all that we await then.

Our little church lacks so much - people, money, comfort, facilities - and yet on an evening such as this I wouldn't change for worlds. Music and silence, dark and light, with the smoke from the thurible swirling in the draughts round the few who came to wonder and to wait: these are the riches of our tradition, and we are blessed with them.


  1. The Lord probably isn't so impressed by numbers, but by the sincerity of heart. Since He alone is able to see inside our hearts, He knows and understands....

    There is a song by American Christian songwriter Michael Card about the event in which Simeon "takes the boy and starts to sing"....Even though Card's voice is not desirable to many people,(I find his voice and music both very soothing and I have listened to him for many, many years) I have loved the fact that his songs are taken almost directly from the pages of Scripture and set to music. I love his music...It is delicate, sensitive, and filled to the brim with a love for and towards God....

  2. Sounds brilliant, Chris!