Monday, April 20, 2009

Calling all ostriches

Sometimes I'm struck forcibly by the choice we make in deciding whether or not to watch/read/listen to the news. Today I read in some detail of the resurgence of Nazism in Austria, in a piece accompanied by the photos of ancient Nazis in bits of wartime uniform celebrating Hitler's birthday. And this evening I watched President Ahmadinejad of Iran denounce Israel as a racist state, and heard the comment that the situation between Iran and the West could become "very serious indeed".

Suppose I had simply read a book at lunchtime, had watched something else or - just as likely - fallen asleep in front of the telly this evening? I would not have any of these stories to ponder, not have anything to trouble my sleep other than the organisation of the imminent Cursillo weekend. And yet it is possible that I am more concerned about the latter right now, simply because I can do something about it - in fact, I have to do something about it tomorrow.

Back in the '80s, my desire to do something about the presence of nuclear weapons on my doorstep got me into all sorts of bother. At the time, I wondered at the ostrich mentality of many of the people I doorstepped for CND. As I become older, it's easier in a way to stick my head in the sand of unknowing - until I think about my grandchildren. And I begin to wonder what might yet lie ahead.

Maybe I'd better just read that book ...


  1. It's much more comfortable living in Blogland!

  2. I'd stay away from book too if I was you! All sorts of ideas and stuff in them. And knowledge too. They'll get you in trouble. Mark my words!

  3. Hi Chris
    Didn't know what CURSILLO was and went looking for it. Sounds like a very rich way of spending time. Only for Episocpal folk?

    Re ostriches - Wm Barclay once described George MacLeod as one who "stood, head erect, amongst the ostriches". No idea now where I read this and it was years ago - may have been one of Barclay's very numerous contributions to the Expository Times.Good phrase though - so keep your head erect! :))
    Oh jings - the first four letters of the word verification reads nato!

  4. Sorry, Jim - should have put a link. There's one on today's post. WE have been known to bend a bit on the denominational side, but you need to get an Episcopalian priest to co-sponsor you. Mail me if you're interested to learn more - (my blog name) at googlemail.