Sunday, August 09, 2009

Repeating itself

The Gas Man cometh. Well not tonight - at least I hope not tonight - but this week. And tomorrow his minions will deliver all the bits necessary for the heating system I've succumbed to, after all these years of heroic resistance. Apparently you can't get the really good boilers without a few radiators, and we need a better boiler because the current one, all of five years old, keeps dying with a nasty burny smell. Apparently a circuit board overheats - a design issue.

So we've spent quite some time today wrecking bits of our house, so that The Gas Man doesn't have to. It is now, depending on where you are, echoing and bleak or crammed and untidy. But the thing that interests me most this evening is to look back to this post from the very start of my blogging career almost four years ago, and reflect that then too I was thinking about Gas Men. I can hardly believe I've been blogging for so long, and wonder to see what I talked about in those days before anyone was reading it. But I seem to have suffered from gas (as you might say, and titter slightly if you were That Kind of Person) for the whole time. Maybe bloggers are by nature simply gasbags?


  1. Oh dear! A boiler only five years old going "bad"? harrumph! That seems a bit of a crime...

    When Mark built our house, he installed the boiler all by himself. I remember the day he hollered up from the basement to set the thermostat to "kick it on". I trembled as I raised the level to the "magic point"...would the house blow like a whale? Fortunately, t'was a non-event. Our boiler still runs well, even though it lives a rather neglected life in the basement, gathering cobwebs while the Jotul woodstove merrily heats the house like a warm blanket. I do turn the thermostat in the basement up from time to time to warm things up a bit.

    Well, here's to you and Mr. B for diligently making a mess of your home. My Ben would have loved helping at something like that...

    I hope all goes well and thankfully, this will be a better time for resolving any issues before the winter (oh, I probably shouldn't use that word?)

    We are currently waiting out a storm. Literally. All sorts of warnings for our area, but nothing more than a little lightning and a lot of WIND! (hehehe...kinda fits in with the GAS subject, eh?)

  2. Our Church boilers, put in at the Restoration, have both failed because of design faults, and the company has gone bust! We need to replace them at a cost of £12,000. Fortunately the radiators are in situ!